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Dennis Weber


Hey, I'm Dennis and this website is about me and what I do!

I've recently finished my master degree in computer science at Hochschule Konstanz Technik, Wirtschaft und Gestaltung in southern Germany and I'm currently working as a software developer for SEITENBAU GmbH

If you end up on this site, chances are you stumbled upon a link to a subdomain and wondered if there is more to be found. Can't blame you! :) You can learn more about me by reading my resume in English or Lebenslauf in German or following the links to my web profiles on the left.


If you have any more questions about me or my projects, I'm really looking forward to meeting you!

Dennis Weber
Austr. 26
78467 Konstanz
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Screenshot LibreToDo

LibreToDo is a free (GPL-3.0) self-organization tool.

Tasks can be created as "ToDo Notes" and suspended to the time when they are due. This allows users to only have those tasks visible which are due right now. Those tasks are synchronized to all connected devices.

Privacy plays a very important role in the development of LibreToDo. For that reason all synchronized elements are encrypted before leaving the device.

LibreToDo employ a variety of modern technological concepts. The server is written as a node.js application, communicating with a MySQL database. The Web / Browser client runs 100% locally (the synchronization process communicates with the public API) as a HTML / CSS / JavaScript application. Additional HTML5 features, like the notification API are in use to create a smooth user experience.

A Android app is currently in development.

The web client is hosted at web.libretodo.org. The development is organized on the LibreToDo-Web GitHub page.

The official API is currently run at api.libretodo.org:48942. The development is organized on the LibreToDo-Server GitHub page.


Screenshot simplify-time.info

Simplify-Time is a php-based website to simplify the process of transmitting event times around the globe.

Users can specify the time an event starts and send the generated link to their guests. Once opened, the site detects the correct timezone and displays all relevant information (further links, maps, countdowns, etc.) in the correct format to the user.

Due to low usage numbers, simplify-time.info shut down late 2016.

Fliegergruppe Hülben - Website

Screenshot fliegergruppehuelebn.de

The Fliegergruppe Hülben is a soaring club on the Schwäbische Alb, close to Stuttgart.

Together with the help of another member I created and manage the website. It is running a the Joomla CMS with a custom theme and a lot of interactive javascript plugins.

A specially heated IP-webcam is setup to transmit a current image of the airport to the website and will create regular backups as a security measure.

Fliegergruppe Hülben website

Water Ship Down

Screenshot Watershipdown

Water Ship Down os a browser game developed by me and 2 other students as a university project.

We wanted to create a more interesting, less random and more tactical version of the classic board game "battleship". To do so we utilize multiple modern concepts of web design, including:

  • HTML5 - the next iteration of HTML allows more specific tags like "section" and the use of drag'n'drop.
  • JavaScript (and jQuery) - a highly interactive site like ours requires a powerful scripting language. JavaScript does exactly this and with the help of the jQuery framework we can write simple and cross-platform code.
  • AJAX - a part of JavaScript, allowing the retrieval of additional data while the site was already loaded.
  • WebSockets - recently introduced with HTML5, webSockets allows our servers to send data back to the client. This is used to inform the player when the opponent finished his turn.
  • PlayFramework - the PlayFramework simplifies the creation of web projects and allows a clean differentation between model, view and controller.
  • git - working in a team causes some problems but a good version control systems helps to avoid them. Git does exactly that and allows us to write code at the same time without conflicts.
  • Bootstrap - this JS and CSS framework is very useful for creating fast, responsive and good looking web pages.
Water Ship Down beta build